School Curriculum

Curriculum Arrangements

We followed the curriculum guideline (2017) set by EDB, in order to emphasize children’s learning interest and to build up a positive and active learning attitude in order to boost their self-confidence and self-care ability.


Curriculum Features

Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) – Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level Project

Our kindergarten emphasizes on developing multi-languages. Our curriculum is specially designed based on the language ability and development needs of children; instead of providing comprehensive language learning experience, we adapted the SCOLAR approach from the Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level Project, through stories, reading aloud and gaming, let children to get in touch with English and cultivate their interest in learning English.

ICAN Whole Person Education Pre-school Project

TheICAN Whole Person Education Pre-school Project” is designed and administrated by CUHK Dr. Wong Chung Kwong and his psychology team. Through the complete Whole Person Education Pre-school Project, it aims to raise the mental quality of children and help cultivating their life-long virtues, as to maintain a good foundation for their future learning attitude, habits and relationships.

6A Character Education

The aim of 6A character Education is to let parents know the fair education rules, as to realize ways to guide children to think positively, to clear their concepts of love and care, to enhance learning effectiveness through interaction and practices, as to strengthen their self-reflection skills in order to raise their own character and ability. Through a series of parents talks and activities, it helps parents to build up a close relationship with children and help children to build up their own and unique character.

Positive Education

As the member of the CUHK QEF Thematic Network on Positive Education for Whole Child Development, we help children to cultivate positive learning attitude as to adopt better in school and boost their whole-person development by developing game-based curriculum.

School Assessment

Our kindergarten implements formative assessments. By observing and recording the learning performance of children, we collect their learning data and analyze children’s learning ability, as to enable parents and teachers to know better about their learning needs and to give appropriate help and support when needed.